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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Break

              Well .......HAPPY EASTER Everyone......All Chocoholics are happy......
Well I have had a productive break, my poor hubby has been working all the break, so I have tried to keep busy, all the houseworks done including the ironing. Pin cushion has been completed for the Tangled Web Quilters Easter Pincushion  Swap ( thats a mouth full if said too quick ) pictures later on that. I have also completed 6 blocks on a project Im doing with two girlfriends its the Cottage Sampler by Somerset Designs.

 Here are some pictures of them
            I have used some rather unusual colours and patterns, they arent my usual colour pallette at all. But I am trying to be abit experimental dont know if I will pull it off but its a sampler.

And for the rest of the afternoon I will be doing a little gardening and picking up pony poo....Yes not a glamorous job but someone has to do it. Here are Bo and Amber in Diet camp again, Im sure they could get fat from eating thin air.And Bear will be looking on from the warmth of the house as usual.
 Its hard being a dog in this house....Dont you agree Bear.......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sorry for not posting

             I am sorry to all that are following my blog but I have been extremely busy changing my working Life. It has been one hell of a couple of months.  I have started a Bookeeping Course and a new job as Office Manager for a Sound Company called Alpha Audio.     My brain is in overload learning a whole bunch of stuff from number crunching to leads and amplifiers. But its a challenge and I'm enjoying it.....So Far.

            Though I have still been stitching if only slightly,  I have been working on a little project with the Tangled Web Quilters for the up coming Island Quilters exhibition at the end of April in Launceston.  A group quilt entry, check it out at the Craft fair and let me know what you think. Feedback is all ways a good thing, you can learn so much from it.

              I am very pleased with the outcome and everyone has done a beautiful job, I can not post any pictures as yet but as soon as I can I will. It definitely got everyone out of their comfort zone thats for sure.

        Enjoy your day