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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monthly Challenge

Mum, Suzanne( sister ), Kate( niece ) and myself  have a year long family challenge that will produce some interesting pieces ... we hope. The challenge is to create an A4 size piece of art work using anything and any technique you like to depict what has been memorable for that month, it can be something that happened briefly or over the entire month ie what the cat did was extremely funny or maybe a holiday/family event etc. It is only limited by any happenings in that particular month. So in February you create one for January and so on. So in January next year you will have completed 12 blocks of your year, that could become a book or a quilt as you go quilt.

Well here is my January challenge piece. I have used trapunto, free motion quilting, applique and added a small amount of angelena for smoke effect. This was to depict what Richard made for Mona Foma in January ( see previous posts ).