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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decisions for this week

             Well I have "Girls Day Out" ready to be quilted. I might ask Caroline to do that for me :-)..I have finished my "Bring a Plate" Challenge Quilt for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild competition. I have reservations about it but I am please with the end result.

              Now Im not sure what to do next..........To start something new or finish off a UFO mmmmm decisions. I will get back to you about my decision.

              Just had a thought I might design something instead, its easier on the arm. I do my best thinking will driving so off down to the shop to see the girls I go. Maybe just the inspiration I need..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tangled Web Quilters Retreat


              After a hectic morning remembering, packing and repacking various must have items I finally arrived at the Retreat. I unpacked and proceeded to get things organised.   Hopefully to get "Girls Day Out" sewn together.    Roxy ,Suzanne and Vicki were already hard at it and Marie, Judy, Caroline and Jenny arrived at short intervals. Places were established, some taking more room than others but hey.
           At 12.00 we all went up to the house for lunch which was catered by Bluey (Roxy's hubby). Beef and Bacon soup, Rolls and a side salad.  It was very tasty.  I scored him a 9 but was told it was too high as where would he go from here so I dropped it to a 7.5.   Then back to the cottage to Sew - Chat - Sew - Laugh - Sew till six. Kylie arrived at 5pm and the group was complete.
              Projects were started and everyone was progressing with their individual goals. Dinner was at 6pm, don't be late, Starters was Pumpkin soup, Main was Chicken parmigiana or Steak with vegetables, Dessert was Chocolate or strawberry cheesecake or both. Presentation 9....Taste 9.... Thanks Bluey.

            After Tea we all decided to gather in the lounge with the open fire and start some handwork or knitting. We started a show and tell ( I forgot :-( .....)
            Marie had a lovelly christening gown that her father wore and a scrappy quilt.
Marie's scrappy quilt
Clown Quilt
             But the prize went to Caroline who borrowed Marie's Clown quilt and gave a rather interesting story on its background. It started with " I had a dream....Hehe Hoho " Sorry I couldn't possibly retell the story as I laughed that much I would not do it justice.
             Then we all were presented with goody bags. Roxy had done a beautiful job of capturing everyones needs.   Thank You from All of Us.... :-)
Jenny's Home
Ancient Mulberry Tree
              We all went off to bed in dribs and drab as the night got old and the wind howled around us. Most of us had a good night sleep, a few were tired in the morning but none like Caroline who had a rather turbulent night in the caravan (without the stabilisers). But she still had a smile on her face over the breakfast table.
                Breakfast started at 6 as Marie was off to the AGM in Launceston for the day. The rest of us proceed down to the cottage for a full day of productive quilting.

Caroline, Jenny & Vicki
           Everyone was progressing with their projects and only a break for lunch halted this. Judy was trying to do a 6 hour quilt, which would have been done in 5 except for all the laughing, Roxy was deciding on colours for the creative process, I was finishing the borders on my quilt top, Vicki was also doing borders, Jenny was putting blocks together, Suzanne was adding detail to her tablecloth, ( she had already finished a rag cot quilt).
Kylie was finishing her tractor blocks and Caroline was adding details to a cot quilt 

Roxy's Art Quilt in progress
                Buffet tea was at 6pm which coincided with the arrival of Deb from the Village Sampler in Lilydale.  Deb had brought down baskets and cases of fabric and books for us to peruse and purchase and we all thank her for making the trip and hoped she had a good time.
Roxy and Jenny 

               Then we had a Show and Tell  from the weekend activities, I hope you enjoy the photos, there was a bit of fun happening and story telling as we passed around  The Gift Parcel. Rules were to keep the gift you were to answer the question given for example mine was what quilt I havent done but would like to? Other examples were school memories? shearing shed encounters??? and a Ghost story retold??????? Now you will have to ask Caroline about that one.. Hehe Hoho.

Caroline's nose warmer????


              Slowly a little more exhausted than the previous night everyone toddled off to bed. Some time through the night it got interesting as we were visited by the resident ghost and his light. I can hear you say too much wine but no ....everyone was tucked up in bed but lights were seen  walking up the hallway mmmmm. I suppose he was checking to make sure we were behaving ourselves. Though it could have been a poltergeist................

              Sunday morning was a bit slower to get things started, some went off to the cottage to finish up last minute projects and the others went of into the pool room to make a final selection of Deb's fabrics.

         I had a wonderful and productive weekend which I would love to Thank
                            Roxy for organising all the activities.
                            Jenny and Graham for letting us occupy their house for three days.
                            Bluey for all the meals cooked to perfection.
                 And all who attended and made it a great retreat.   
Hope you enjoy my ramblings.............

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All ready to go

           Well I have just got back home from our weekly quilting group, Tangled Web Quilters at Cobweb Cottage. I didn't get anything done today as I have been working on the design for the group quilt for next years competition and finally had all the pieces in place. So I presented the design and patterns to some of our lovelly ladies, to kick start it off. I can't show any pictures of the design but I can say its all original and based on a particular theme and thats all....  8-)

              Also this weekend we are having a retreat at Cobweb Cottage and staying at Summerville House or Jenny's house. So hopefully I will be able to get some things finished or at least close to it. It will be a fun weekend I'm sure but I will tell you more next week

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Non quilting thoughts

Happy soul isn't he

These are some heavy duty flowers
        These are some of my Non quilting projects that came to reality.. Picasso as I call him is made from mild steel off cuts my hubby had laying around. I had been drawing him for about a year before I was truly happy with his appeal. At the moment hes not in the most desirable spot just yet.  But I will move him shortly. If you look at his eyes they are 3 dimensional and follow you around in a happy sort of way.

         The flowers are old harrowing discs welded on to pipe and have steel rod as the stamens. They dont need any watering at all, excellent for up here in Tea Tree.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mother and Daughters Challenge

            The Challenge was to use the words "Friendship is a sheltering tree". Any interpretation but it must have the words on it somewhere.
            They are as pictured mums, mine and my sisters. I thought we covered it quite well, all different. 

The Beginning

           Well this is the first posting of this blog, I hope in the near future to have a journey of my quilting and other craft endeavours that I can share with everyone.