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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Update on the Two Owls

                 Well I have raw edged stitched around it all and now I need to decide either to colour and then quilt or quilt then colour.. decisions decisions.   Kim has the instructions to quilt first then colour but I wonder if she only did that because of the thickness of the colour medium would make it hard to stitch thru. I just might do both colour some, quilt and then colour some more..... mmmmmmm.

                I want to enhance the drawing with the quilting not just fill in the spaces with colour,  I think I might do a sample first....good idea.. Yes I know I'm talking to myself but it helps the creative flow..Well thats my excuse anyway.

    Anyway here are pics of it so far, I will also post the sample at a later date or when I finished it

Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Interesting Day

            I went to Tangled Web Quilters today and had a interesting lesson on the Westalee Rulers, pretty nifty I thought.   Judy was showing us some of ways you can use them, accuracy is the key point as well getting the most out of your fabric. But I was a bit of a pain asking a lot of questions I think but Im sure Judy didnt mind too much, cant wait to have a play with them

           I also received an email from the Snuggly Bug Rug Project requesting a 16" block for a 3year old girl, so I hope she likes what I have made.  Yes I painted the faerie and mushrooms or I should say drew with the inktense pencils on a glitter base. Here are two photos of it before I send it off to be included into a quilt.
                 Just love the bright colours, Im not usually a bright colour person but I think these are good match for a little girl. ;-) If they are all this bright it wil be a very happy quilt dont you think so....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two owls waiting for a bit of colour

            At the Sydney Craft Fair in 2010 I found these Owls designed by Kim Bradley and fell in love with them and the new Inktense pencils.   So far all I have done is visefixed all the pieces down. As it was a bit larger than I remembered so ironing all the big pieces down was a bit tricky on a normal ironing board but after a few hairy moments it was all done. Now all I have to do now is give the Owls character with the Inktense pencils so hopefuly this week thats what I will be doing. Here are some bare pictures
                All the fabrics are all hand dyed , it gives so much structure and depth to the tree and the surrounding background. I just love using these fabrics you can use them in so many designs with surprising results.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New year

               Well my year has started nicely really, I thought it was going to be terrible but it was pointed out that all the recent things that had gone wrong happened at the end of 2010 and now they are all being fixed this year.... woohoo....... what a relief that is..... :-)
               I have started semi retirement ( if not for a few years) until my arm heals so off I go into the unknown...... I was offered one day a week doing invoices for a lovely man who employes my husband, so that will keep me on the straight and narrow one hopes.. and to my surprise i was asked if my Cake from the "Bring a plate" challenge could be on the front cover of the latest guild newsletter.. I was chuffed. Already looking up...
             This week I intend to do some designing so if I'm pleased with it I might share next week????
                  I would also like to thank those who leave comments as it brightens my day..
                         So have a good week and enjoy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Family Member

             I just received Nick and Tegans christmas pressy to me, it was delayed due to freight hold ups but that doesnt matter as it just extends the christmas period.
            Well here he is

                        Isn't he cute, his head wobbles. I have to give him a name mmmmmm.  
                                        We will call him SHAUN....