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Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Interesting Day

            I went to Tangled Web Quilters today and had a interesting lesson on the Westalee Rulers, pretty nifty I thought.   Judy was showing us some of ways you can use them, accuracy is the key point as well getting the most out of your fabric. But I was a bit of a pain asking a lot of questions I think but Im sure Judy didnt mind too much, cant wait to have a play with them

           I also received an email from the Snuggly Bug Rug Project requesting a 16" block for a 3year old girl, so I hope she likes what I have made.  Yes I painted the faerie and mushrooms or I should say drew with the inktense pencils on a glitter base. Here are two photos of it before I send it off to be included into a quilt.
                 Just love the bright colours, Im not usually a bright colour person but I think these are good match for a little girl. ;-) If they are all this bright it wil be a very happy quilt dont you think so....

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  1. your coloured block was just gorgeous, the quilt has been delivered as she is in for her 2nd treatment session now in Melbourne... i know it will bring her joy - it ended up looking just lovely ,will put photos on the website soon, thanks for being a part of it hugs Helen