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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rule Breakers

            Last week I received a book I have been eyeing off for a while, It is Rule-breaking Quilts by Kathryn Schmidt (AQS Publishing).

               Not only is this book very pleasing to look thru but the written text is wonderful to read. Kathryn is very clever with her writing and phrases..
               Well I decided to try out her method, well attempt it as she says there are no definite directions just ideas. I used 6 different fabrics cut at 4" x 21", divide lengthwise one fabric from the top moved to the bottom and then I joined the fabrics together to give me 6 strips back again. I know I am not explaining it properly but you hopefully get the idea... Then I divide the 6 strips widthways into 8 pieces, cut at different angles. Now you move the first fabric to the bottom of the first pile, second pile you move down 2 pieces to the bottom and so on. Then you sew the pieces back together to give you the 6 strips back again, join these strips in your desired pattern.                                                               Here are a few of mine on my design wall

              And here is my finished small quilt in which I am very pleased with, its been a long time coming for me to finish anything so quickly.
Finished size 15" x 19"
Up close to see quilting

Quilting on the back


  1. I haven't seen this book. It does look interesting. Love what you have done with your quilt. Great fabrics! Love the quilting, too.

  2. Its a great book nothing is ever wrong just a different way of looking at fabric piecing, shes a very clever lady.

  3. I purchased the same bookrecently. I like the way it's laid out and the instructions are very good. I think the photographs are a real inspiration. What you've created here is great. I've yet to give anything a go. When I do I'll post it on my blog. Textile diva.blogspot.com
    I'm trying to finish a few projects first. LOL

  4. I saw this book on Amazon but didn't pay too much attention to it however your project has changed my mind. Really like what you have done.