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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Naughty Lists

                      I thought I would get your attention...
I made a Christmas wall hanging for the Tangled Web Quilters Christmas Swap ( thats a mouthful) and loved doing it so I made 2 more for my sons and their partners.
             I found this pattern in A Christmas Story By Anni Downs Hatched and Patched....and I changed it a little so hopefully she would like the result....
             I made one traditionally for Nick and Tegan, that they sadly never received it, somewhere lost in the post  but I will redo it so they have one for next year and one for Glenn and Sarah that was more contemporary. As they had a black christmas tree and blue/silver decorations, so it took a bit of thought but hopefully they liked the result.
             Hopefully I will be more productive and have something to show you, Thank you for reading my blog and ramblings.......

            Have a lovely Day and Enjoy it all    :-)



  1. These trees are a great idea. It is a real shame about the one that went missing!

  2. Yes I was really annoyed but Luckily I can recreate it well almost