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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty Flowers all in a row

              I have just finished the borders on my Pretty flowers all in a row quilt finally.  I have previously posted this quilt with just the centre finished, I decided on a another two borders to gain extra width and to frame the centre better. What do you think......
Note the mitred corners...
                         This was very difficult to photo so when its quilted, some time in the distant future, I will get some-one to hold it up so I can photograph it a bit better. This quilt is actually for ME, as I bought the fabric while I was at home recovering from giving blood and they split the nerve in my forearm resulting in over 3 years of pain and no recovery as yet if ever......... So it is a milestone for me to have finished this top at all as my sewing these days is so slow, bits and pieces only. But I won't give it away it's my stress relief cure, I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Anyway have a lovely week and enjoy it.



  1. I really like the borders you have added. Lovely fabrics. The quilt is looking great!

  2. Thanks Karen Now to quilt it.................