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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

February Challenge

   Well it's been an eventful month but nothing more than Richard breaking his collar bone in 2 places OUCH!!!. Apart from the collarbone he was fine so I made him some colourful slings to wear so he could heal properly. I think he enjoyed wearing them, I know he got a few questions about them LOL.
The first one was just plain blue, the next was Dr Seuss and finally the last one was Black with silver skeletons that look like they are falling to pieces. So for my February challenge, I only had a small amount of fabric so I stripped what was left and sewed them together. The blue cross on top was what I used to bind and use for straps, this was an old ratchet strap, very handy and strong. I will end up quilting it but unsure what just as yet.
Not very  exciting but it was something that happened in February............


  1. Love the idea of the colourful slings. They would have looked great. Hope he is recovering well.

    1. THANKS Karen
      Yes he is recovering well its slow but it is repairing its self without surgery so thats good