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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decisions for this week

             Well I have "Girls Day Out" ready to be quilted. I might ask Caroline to do that for me :-)..I have finished my "Bring a Plate" Challenge Quilt for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild competition. I have reservations about it but I am please with the end result.

              Now Im not sure what to do next..........To start something new or finish off a UFO mmmmm decisions. I will get back to you about my decision.

              Just had a thought I might design something instead, its easier on the arm. I do my best thinking will driving so off down to the shop to see the girls I go. Maybe just the inspiration I need..


  1. No Im not a nutter I was showing a friend how to comment on a blog hehe.

  2. Roxy says hello. Just been talking to Martine in Belgium she asked if had a blog, I'm still laughing!!!!!! Went on her blog, just great and really interesting, she likes the same colours as I do, very weird. Just picked up costume for fancy dress party Sat night, what a great witch I make, bit sad really.

  3. Hi Roxy

    Thanks for commenting
    I hope you have a good time Sat night. Be careful with the spell casting heheh

    Must get Martine blog name to have a peep at it

    Have a good one..