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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Year Challenge

        Well so far I am up to June and totally forgot about April.... Not good and I can't for the life of me remember much about April except going to Agfest so it might just have to be about that.
The next photo is my May challenge piece. I did this while on retreat with Tangled Web Quilters. I was luckily to go for two days and two nights, some of the other girls went for five days they certainly accomplished heaps and had a great time.  This was shown to me by Sherry and Suzanne who I think saw it on craftsy. It is stitch and slash - brilliant idea... but I think I need to select more fabrics that are a little less bright. This might not come over in the photo but it could glow in the dark...Hehehe....not really but for me this is bright.

           You start by having 4 fabrics all face up on the back of the fourth fabric draw a design, leaving about 1 inch on either side of this line. You then stitch in a small stitch this design. Sewing finished. Next you slash the top fabric, leaving a 1/4 in on either side on stitching line. The same again leaving a 1/4 in of the second fabric and so on until you reach the fourth fabric do not cut this.  Depending on what you like I left a few solid number 2 fabrics and number 3 fabrics for a bit of contrast. But that is entirely up to you . (Maybe take a class on Craftsy, it has some great classes and tutors and better instructions on how I did this).
         My first Fabric was Dark purple and black batik, Next was a chrysanthemum in pinks and pale orange, then a mid range pink and then a pink, purple and maroon large floral pattern on the bottom. To try and tone it down I placed 3  random black pieces here and there, so as to flatten the brightness abit.
I decided that I am going to use this as the backing as well as the front for May to remember a great weekend with some lovely ladies.
Now for next month......I hope this will get easier....:-)

Have a great month


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  1. This looks like a fascination process. I really like the way it has turned out. And I love brights!