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Thursday, September 19, 2013

August Challenge Piece

          I have started my August Challenge piece and I decided to try and crochet a panel in Freeform Style. I bought this kit at the Craft fair in Hobart in June and thought that because I can't knit well. Problems with tension and me being a control freak I just can't stop unravelling and redoing it.  But with this it doesn't matter, its all part of the design. And also I hate doing repetitive items -  2 sleeves really painfully. I was told once to knit two sleeves at the same time but one would be fine and the other not. Gave it up as a bad joke.
        Any way back to why I'm posting, I intend for this to be A4 in size and I began this in August so enough said, here are a couple of photos of it so far
So far its about half way done. I will post it again when finished.

Have a great week and enjoy your craft :-)


  1. This is great fun. I have seen some lovely pieces made this way. Yours is looking great.

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