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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just an Angel........

                    These are some photos of my new angel. I received this pattern in my Retreat goody bag and have been slowing constructing it since that weekend. It differs from the pattern slightly wouldn't you say.
     Mine is alittle more glamorous and I made a fabric trumpet instead of a wooden one. I haven't made any dolls for awhile so it was fun to do.
                    This week was also our trip to the Oatlands Quilting Group, which we all enjoyed. It was a lovelly day with just a slight breeze, the trip was uneventful which was good. The group have their meetings at a house attached to the primary school. Everything is included even the bath mmmm quilting and soaking don't mix though..pity.... :-)
             It is a lovelly well lit room as you can see from these photos. A few of us ventured up in to the township for lunch and a look around. A few good purchases were made, I bought a soft leather jacket for $8.00 for bear paws. I rarely find anything like this so I will store it away for future use.
              The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing patterns and ideas, well thats all I seem to do anyway. Some of the ladies were very busy doing items for the Oatlands Festival. If you are in the area they are having a quilt exhibition, the whole town is involved in having a good fun day, so enjoy if you are able.
             Thank you to the Oatland group for making us very welcome we will certainly be back in the future.

             This week I'm taking it easy on the sewing etc as I have pushed the old arm too far so I might just start a new book mmmm or two.
            Have a good week and enjoy everyday  :-)


  1. Well what does one do at 5am, hop on Ali's site. The angel looks gorgeous, I bet you are really pleased with the outcome, the brain is on overload with the sketchbook challenge and also the tree that needs to be raw edge applique, oh well time for another coffee then I'll be really kicked into gear. The photos are great, it's a brilliant blog and I always look forward to see what is posted, look after the arm, see ya Wednesday. Roxy

  2. Your angel does look good. Just in time for Christmas! Sounds like you have some great quilting groups to work with.

  3. Thanks Roxy I cant wait to see what you have done with the tree, I too am in overload with the sketchbook lastest thought is portraits mmmm

    Thanks Karen We have some beautiful ladies that quilt here. No trouble to help or give advice, its lovelly to have support.