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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the Dubbo Plains Zoo

   We ventured off mid morning to Dubbo, travelling thru Wellington, which has a lovely patchwork shop and from the laughing and chatting out the back a good quilt group as well. You can always tell cant you when women are enjoying themselves. :-)

Here are some photos
Our transport
White Rhino with a calf
The elusive hippos....
Bath time.. where's the bubbles
Yes this Elephant is also having a bath .....but he has a few bubbles
Sea Otters
Black Rhino...check out the armour
Tiger trying to hide
Lioness... she feels so close
Zebra as if you didn't know
Richard having a chat with a very old friend
Meerkats doing their thing
   Well I hope you enjoyed our photos, notice no wire cages to shoot thru they seem so close you could touch them. It was a great day except I still didn't see a Hippo.

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