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Friday, November 26, 2010

What a home coming!!!!

  Well we arrived back to Tassie and it was lovely to be back home but we had a lovely suprise waiting for us.
Glenn (our youngest) and his fiance Sarah did a garden make over for us and installed our fountain as well. Just to set the scene I have had the fountain as a feature in the entry with glass wishing stone as the water and glass tear drops as flowing water but we had recently talked about putting it outside, little did I know I was being secretly questioned mmm sneaking buggers. Also Sarah's mum had propagated plants for them. Richard and I would like to THANK everyone concerned especially Glenn and Sarah who suffered with sunburn to get it all finished Thank you guys.... Here are some photos
Fountian and all the planting out.
All blue metal, pinebarked and weeded
all pinebarked
This was all blue metaled pot and planted out


  1. What a wonderful surprise! You have a lovely family. The garden looks great with all the work and the fountain is a perfect feature. Beautiful views from your garden too!

  2. Thank you Karen for your kind words
    Love your blog as well love the reindeer

  3. That looks fantastic, lucky you to get such a lovely surprise. Our garden can't be seen due to the inches of snow.