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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls Day Out

              I have been doing Girls Day Out with two of my best friends and it has taken almost 2 years it is finally coming to an end. We all used different fabrics and the results where quite amazing. See for yourself....

I used muted pinks, greens and yellows and a touch of mauve.
Lisa is a few shades brighter again with a maroon touch.
Shelley used blues and whites with a touch of yellow 

                  They all look different but the same. They all need binding and the buttons sewn on but I wanted to share them with you. When they are truly finished I will post some close ups of the detail.

Hope you have a lovelly week

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  1. Your Girls Day Out is so pretty! I can see why it took you two years.....but worth every minute of it! All of them are lovely.