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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dancing Daisey Workshop

       Well I attended a lovelly workshop today at Kempton, a small country town about 45mins from Hobart. It was a Helen Stubbings workshop with colouring techniques. It was a very relaxing but informative class. You dont expect colouring in to be too taxing do you???  Well I have been drawing for quite a few years and I still learnt a few different technique. Helen is a wonderful teacher, if you get the chance to do any of her classes you wont be sorry. Helen has her own varied techniques and a wealth of knowledge on products and tools.

Helen showing some detail work
Firstly I coloured in the leaves and add medium and left it to dry, 

This is my work I still have to do the stitching around the petals and leaves.
          While waiting for the leaves to dry we all went off and had a lovelly lunch of soup and sandwiches made by Vicki and Roxy. Also some lovelly butterfly cakes, scones and biscuits. We all were truly spoiled for choice. Then we returned to finish our colouring in. When all that is done you stitch around the edge with a matching thread.

          I used the Derwent Inktense pencils so mine is a bit brighter than some of the others. Every one used a variety on pencils from Artist to student pencils, any can be used but quality pencils are softer and give better results. I also found that using the Folkart Fabric Medium instead of Jo Sonja textile medium made the end result a lot softer and less plastic in the finish. Folkart medium does bleed slightly so testing on fabric first is a good idea but I used it on 100% cotton and it was okay . I was pleased with the results.
 Here are some of the other ladies daisies....

                      It is lovelly to see so many different colours  and the results were a rainbow of choice.
  So being an adult and colouring in is definitely okay with me, have a go you just might enjoy yourself  :-)

 Hope you enjoyed your day

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